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Count down to Kindergarten has already begun to consume every thought in my day.  In exactly 7 months, Daniel will be enrolled in Kindergarten and thus will begin his real struggle for a good education.  In June, he will turn 5.

When he first was diagnosed in May 2010, I held on to the belief that he would follow my subconscious timeline of development.  The diagnosis was all new to me and I was still, and am still, learning about what it means to be an autistic person.  Everyday is a different day and despite consistency, I'm always surprised about how a day ends for him.

Then I look back to the previous year to see how we, as a family, have changed.  2012 brought about another heartache, 2 in fact.  Chloe was also diagnosed in April with PDD-NOS and in October, after 8 years, I lost my job.  I don't know which blow was worse.

So now here I am with a full plate and trying desperately to sort things out.  I'm faced with how to manage a household on unemployment and not go …