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Titi Carmen

Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die. - Amelia Burr
When I see my kids, I wonder what will become of their relationship with each other when they are able to make decisions of their own.  Will they continue to be close or will life come in between their relationship?  Life meaning family gossip, in-laws, children.  
When you have children, the whole point is to raise them to be better than you.  Foolish mistakes need not be repeated through them.  I have siblings of my own and I can honestly say the relationship between all of us could be better.  When you're in the moment of, "I want nothing to do with so and so," it's easy not to see the bigger picture.  What would happen if tomorrow I got a call with the news that one of my siblings had passed on?
My dad lost his sister, Titi Carmen, this past Saturday.  After a long time of not speaking, they reconnected after my grandmother passed on in October '10.  My aunt Carmen wasn't your average wom…