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Boom! Boom!

Before this whole diagnosis thing, we were just a family trying to adjust to each other. I guess after DJ turned a year, I started to realize that there may be something wrong. Working with kids gave me a little more insight into a child's world. I watched DJ for a while as I compared him to Adriana.

I decided to ask his doctor for a referral to Early Intervention. Then came all the evaluations. That was October 2009. The outcome of the first set of evaluations proved that he was fine. Bull! I know he wasn't. At the very least, I knew he had a speech delay. He was silent, too silent.

Then May 31st rolled around and Daisy the psychologist just kicked me in the gut.

On May 31st, DJ received a psychological.  Daisy looked so concerned as she asked me questions in regards to his behavior and observed his current set of behaviors. The evaluation took an hour, tops. Then she said it. "Daniel has pervasive developmental disorder." Huh? Never heard of it. Then she explained…