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"Oh that poor family."

Today I am angry with autism.  The way it has maneuvered its way into the lives of my children and stolen their voices.  How dare it fester in their brains blocking them from making friends, speaking their minds and learning they way they are supposed to learn?

At a time like this, we should be going to stores picking out what they want to wear for the First Day of School but no. I have to make their school decisions, their outfits, their school supplies and the ever beloved picking out of the book bag that will determine their personality for the rest of the year.

Daniel is entering Kindergarten in September and this time is a big deal for parents.  It is the true beginning of their educational career. But for Daniel, whose school placement is still up in the air, it won't be as fun.  He won't make friends, he won't get invited to birthday parties and he won't develop a crush on his teacher.

I am angry at autism because it has made me into an emotional blubbering fool…