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The Today Show experience

When Danny and I were asked to join the Today Show for a segment on autism awareness I thought, "Do I really need to answer that?" But then after I said yes, a panic within me ensued!
I'm no stranger to speaking in public. I've done many presentations, spoken to a room full of people, and built community within schools by speaking publicly. But this was different. This was our life for all the world to see. 
I'm not shy speaking about autism. One of the reasons I educate as many people as I can, is not for me, but for my children. Who among us wouldn't go above and beyond for them?  But lately, I've been feeling down.   We all have guilty feelings when we feel we aren't doing our best but it's just a pestering thought and our own self consciousness that makes us think that way. I knew that going to the show would open up the floodgates to my emotions but how could I say to my children to be fearless, when I was scared to death! But off I went, ch…