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"Oh that poor family."

Today I am angry with autism.  The way it has maneuvered its way into the lives of my children and stolen their voices.  How dare it fester in their brains blocking them from making friends, speaking their minds and learning they way they are supposed to learn?

At a time like this, we should be going to stores picking out what they want to wear for the First Day of School but no. I have to make their school decisions, their outfits, their school supplies and the ever beloved picking out of the book bag that will determine their personality for the rest of the year.

Daniel is entering Kindergarten in September and this time is a big deal for parents.  It is the true beginning of their educational career. But for Daniel, whose school placement is still up in the air, it won't be as fun.  He won't make friends, he won't get invited to birthday parties and he won't develop a crush on his teacher.

I am angry at autism because it has made me into an emotional blubbering fool…

Back to the beginning

When my son Daniel was first diagnosed with Autism in May 2010, it was a heartbreaking event.  At the time, I was a mom of two, Adriana is older than Daniel by 2 and a half years, and pregnant with my third child, Chloe.  I didn't know much about autism but I knew that our lives as we knew it was about to change in a way that I couldn't imagine.
Back when I first found out I was having a boy in 2008, it was such a happy time.  We had the much sought after child set, a girl and a boy.  Our dreams for each child was already picked out like many parents do when they learn of a pregnancy and they fast forward into their child's future.  For Daniel, my husband envisioned an athletic life with endless scholarships and many girlfriends.  Our son would be a playboy but maintain his studies so that one day he would be able to provide for his future wife and children.  But life had other plans for Daniel, and his struggles in this world would begin at the tender age of 2.
What firs…


Count down to Kindergarten has already begun to consume every thought in my day.  In exactly 7 months, Daniel will be enrolled in Kindergarten and thus will begin his real struggle for a good education.  In June, he will turn 5.

When he first was diagnosed in May 2010, I held on to the belief that he would follow my subconscious timeline of development.  The diagnosis was all new to me and I was still, and am still, learning about what it means to be an autistic person.  Everyday is a different day and despite consistency, I'm always surprised about how a day ends for him.

Then I look back to the previous year to see how we, as a family, have changed.  2012 brought about another heartache, 2 in fact.  Chloe was also diagnosed in April with PDD-NOS and in October, after 8 years, I lost my job.  I don't know which blow was worse.

So now here I am with a full plate and trying desperately to sort things out.  I'm faced with how to manage a household on unemployment and not go …


Regressed.  I hate that word. It's dirty, sinful, and heartbreaking. I saw that word today on Daniel's 3 month report from school written by his teacher.  REGRESSED.  I saw it blazing on the page and I couldn't even focus on any other word nor did I fully comprehend anything else.

"Daniel has regressed since returning to school in September." ~quote from Teacher

I know. I know that. Don't you think I know that. I'm with him all the time. I AM his mother for Pete's sake. Don't you think I know that my son who was doing so beautifully during the summer, vocalizing 4 words, interacting with his peers, eating on his own is now doing NONE of the above?

It's so frustrating! I was so hopeful this summer secretly praying that he would continue to flourish and then he wouldn't be so far behind. Maybe he'd try to string together a sentence by the holidays. Foolish of me to think that. I put all my eggs in one basket not realizing that the baske…