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Daniel's been having a difficult time lately.  I think the fact that he's non-verbal may be wearing on him.  I can't imagine living in a world that I can't communicate with and that can't understand me.  I see that as he gets older, the more aggressive he's becoming.

Yesterday I got a call from his school. He apparently attacked one of his teachers.  His attacks are very sudden and are set off by nothing that anyone is aware.  I'm really not sure what is going on but he's scaring me.  Just this morning, 4:38am, I heard him screaming from his bedroom.  Then he runs into the living room and begins to knock the chairs down.  And when I tried to take him back to his room, he  attacked me.  I know how to handle it, as it is not the first time.

When I finally got him to his room, I see that's he's wrecked it.  It's crazy that a little boy has the strength to move his furniture in such anger.  Then the head banging begins.  He tries to bang his h…