I never thought that being a special needs parent would make me into a better person.  I can't even imagine my life if I weren't one.  I remember seeing parents with special needs children and feeling so sorry for them.  To me, they looked so sad and alone.  But that was foolish thinking.

Becoming one has opened my eyes to the world.  It's almost like having an epiphany or seeing the world in night vision goggles.  You put into perspective what your life should look like and who should share it with you.  You learn to rid your life of negativity and people that don't support you.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of judgemental parents out there, even in this autism community.  How does the saying go, "when you meet one child with autism, you've met one child with autism?"  I've said it before, please educate yourself first.

I've learned that life is too short to be taken for granted.  I love that I have such wonderful people by my side that understand me and have taken the time to understand what we go through on a daily basis.  It is out of pure love that allows someone to take the time to include Daniel in their lives.

When Daniel was first diagnosed, I was so lost in my emotions that I didn't recognize what it was I had in him.  I didn't need to mourn my son or mourn for him.  He was still perfection in every way.  From top to bottom, head to toe.  A slightly gapped tooth smile that steals the hearts of everyone that encounters him.  He is my perfection.

Why would I complicate things by feeling sorry for myself or by peering 10 years into the future? This is a day to day life and everyday needs to be a positive one for him.

He is my right now. He is happy and loved. He is giggly and squishy.  He is a big brother and a little brother.  He is a grandson, a nephew, a cousin and a friend.   He is my son and THAT is the only thing that matters. 


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